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导读: 家乡的变化的英语作文1  Changesinhomereallyfast Previously,clothesarealwaysbrokensupplementandcomplementtheZai

家乡的变化的英语作文1  Changesinhomereallyfast.Previously,clothesarealwaysbrokensupplementandcomplementtheZai下面是小编为大家整理的家乡变化英语作文,菁选3篇,供大家参考。



  Changes in home really fast. Previously, clothes are always broken supplement and complement the Zaichuan. Now, each bought a set of clothes for Gesanchaiwu.

  Changes in home really fast. Previously, hard to eat things that are their own species, and so mature and re-hired to eat. Now, people eat on the feast at the table.

  Changes in home really fast, I believe that in the near future, we will use our hands to create a better, more advanced equipment, allow people to truly live a comfortable life. Let us for future efforts,hard bar!

  Changes in home really fast. Previously, hearing his mother say, when there is Shiji Li far from home and school to school are to go on foot a long time. There is a bike ride to school has been a very bad condition, but also a long time so in the past. If to a rainy day, the ground bumps and hollows, and go to school, the water was splashing mud all clothes, dirty. If the summer, a big back to school bags, clothing and certainly all wet, can squeeze water from it. And now, home has a new high-tech - car, this way, even if the long way again, it does not charge leg muscles, but also not worry about anything happening.

  Changes in home really fast. Previously, the family house is very old, broken everywhere, and even some corner of the moss has grown, made a mold. Under heavy rain, the housing estate, take the ride for the next subtitle of the rain, so the house really good live. Now, the family room is very strong, and they have complete sets of equipment, these devices are advanced, and some do not even have manual.Moreover, high-rise buildings springing up along the road going up.







  With the rapid development of the society, many things around our life are changed。 Personally speaking, my hometown has changed a lot。


  When I was a child, there was only one black and white TV set in our village。 And I don’t know what’s com*r。 I often went to school on foot。 What’s more, in summer, we had to use hand—made fans to make our temperature down。 If I wanted to connect with the distant friends or relatives, the most convenient way is writing letters, which may lost on the way or take a lot of time to reach the destination。


  However, nowadays, there are four color televisons in my home and most people have their own com*rs。 And now cars are seen everywhere。 In addition, most houses have airconditioning, which can cool the whole house quickly。 With the development of cell phone, people can reach each other in a second。 They can talk or see each other through cell phone。


  As time passes, my hometown has change a lot thanks to the social development。 I believe there will be much more changes in the future。










  My home in Zhouzhi County, in recent years has undergone a drastic change. Take my family for instance.

  Previously, we do not have a com*r at home. Dad was the engineer. Before Dad hands painting drawing, painting with the rulers, not used correctly attached. Black will be careful not to rub the drawing, painting slowly, and had to keep cutting pencil. The lines do not paint beautiful. Spend one or two days drawings drawings. Also drawings, and printing of plans to eventually create engineering drawings. A total needs three days.

  Now, I bought a home com*r. He can use a com*r drawing, no trace; Just one little click of the mouse to point, Instead of doing everything we can. A picture works better if some time. An unfinished print of a direct, clear and beautiful. With com*r. I have an article on a com*r to help their mother. I also used folders, saved a cartoon, diaries, essays and other. I also use it as literature. I also use it to learn English, the software installed, use it to fight game : : Mama system testing, fighting words.

  I brought a lot of convenience to the home com*r. This summer, Tim, we also have a refrigerator. Before, during the summer, often a bad thing, a bad throw on the more unfortunate. Now refrigerators can be frozen foods, no bad foods freezer. I can give it to produce ice. I makeup back, I let my thirst ice on a frozen. DIABLO convenience of a refrigerator to me. Last year, we also have to buy an air conditioner. Previously, in the winter without air conditioning, get up clothes, I always behind the blanket.

  Now, with air-conditioning, and the cold would not dressed up. No air-conditioning in the summer, heat can help people attain the doldrums, not activities. Now, with air conditioning in the summer, no matter what time, as long as a use of air conditioners, and water wind, he feels very cool. in a cool place like the same forest.

  Recently, our county appeared to the Internet, most of the com*rs on the home network Inter. Previously, no Internet, or something happens you just want to submit an email composition can vote on upswing the letter sent out. We have to bring the convenience of the Internet. !

  We really big changes in home!



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